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Wedding Planning Made Easy - Must Know Online Resources

We all know that planning a wedding is far away from being a walk in the park. Things can easily become overwhelming. Especially, once the fun and excitement of the initial enjoyment are over.

Since we all know that getting a little help is great during stressful times, the girls from The Vow to be Chick have put together a list of resources to help you make the overall wedding planning process just a little bit easier. 

So let's take a closer look...

General Resources

The Knot is a great overall wedding planning resource. It can act as your virtual wedding planner or even be used for more wedding planning resources. If you are looking for something more specific, you will have a good chance of finding it on their website. Yay! They also offer resources such as quizzes, which will help you to pick out your wedding theme and colour scheme. How fun! If you feel overwhelmed by those things and don't know what to call your style, this is a great place to start! 

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Essential Groomsmen Gifts

Getting your groomsmen gift can be a second thought at times. You may not even remember that it's needed until it is so close to the wedding date and it is then too late to find anything meaningful or special. Yikes! Groomsmen Gift Source is a great resource since it is filled with tons of different gift ideas. If you have a very diverse group of guys and you don't know what is a good gift that they would all enjoy, use this resource even as just a place to start. this allows you to get ideas and even get the gifts directly from the same website.

Tuxedos, Tuxedos, Tuxedos - Getting Hubby Involved

Does your groom want to be really involved? Or do you want your groom to help with the wedding but don't know where to start? the Black Tux is a wonderful resource for grooms specifically. It gives them resources for things that they can (and sometimes should) do when it comes to the wedding planning process, Things like picking out their suit and tuxedos, ties, bowties, shoes, etc. And even resources to help them with their groomsmen attire as well. It is a great place to use as a reference and for them to use a wedding planning guide of their own. 

Photos and Prints

Let's talk prints. Shutterfly is a great resource for when it comes to your wedding invites, thank you's, RSVP's, etc. They have lots of templates you can use, or you can upload your own design. Shutterfly is super user friendly and helpful. It can be stressful and time-consuming to create your own design, have them printed out on your own, and ensure the sizing is correct and everything is cut out neatly. Shutterfly takes all of that hassle away from you. All you need to do is pick your favourite template and colour scheme, add your images and dates, and order as many as you require.  

wedding invitations 2020

Guest Books

If you are looking for a resource that you can use to mainly get ideas or inspiration from, then WhiskeyMade is your new best friend. If you don't want to follow some of the wedding norms or traditions, then WhiskeyMade is extremely useful. Making a wedding memorable and unique is essential for making it an impactful day for all attendees. In the end, we want to create memories that last for a lifetime, right? Check out this article by WhiskeyMade, to turn your wedding into something unique: How to Create a Wedding Guest Book Alternative. You can find an alternative to your typical guest book that is more memorable and which can be used as memorabilia or décor. 

Wedding Websites

It's 2020 and wedding websites are a thing, for sure! Zola is a great resource, which helps you to create your own wedding website. You can create, design, and edit your own personal template for your wedding website. Wedding websites are definitely growing in popularity so it's the perfect time to join in! It allows you to put all of your wedding information in one place, which can be super handy. You can upload all wedding information, including your registries to your website, for easy access to your wedding guests. 

wedding websites 2020

We hope that these resources can help you to take some weight off your shoulders. Always remember, planning your wedding should be an exciting and fun experience. You want positive and joyful memories when you think of your big day, not stress, and think about how you couldn't wait for it to be over. So take these resources and male the wedding planning process just a little bit easier for you.

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