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Pen Liv

PEN·LIV, a new collection for brides looking for modern, couture gowns with a youthful, edgy and sexy vibe. As with all of the company’s collections, a great deal of emphasis will be placed on craftmanship, fit, and affordability.

Named in tribute to Bridal Collective Founder and CEO Mary Nguyen’s two daughters, the PEN·LIV collection serves as a loving legacy for them. The hope is that with PEN·LIV, there is a wedding dress for every bride within the Bridal Collective portfolio.
The design team behind PEN·LIV is led by the award-winning master designer and Artistic Director Kang Chun “KC” Lin, a graduate of the London College of Fashion, who brings an avant-garde inspiration to a timeless design aesthetic. KC has been designing bridal gowns for over 20 years, and he leads a team of designers who continuously strive to improve and expand on their prior work and accomplishments.

Bold and confident. Sultry and sophisticated. The PEN·LIV bride easily commands attention in every room, simply by being her authentic and unapologetic self. With a genuine sweetness underlying her edge, the PEN·LIV bride stands out without effort – a true example of timeless elegance and grace infused with modern, sexy appeal. PEN·LIV brides appreciate the beauty of traditional design elements while recognizing that living and dressing for today is about embracing the new and the daring. The PEN·LIV bride is a singular individual who lives in the moment – and will never be forgotten.

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