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Five Isolation Date Night Ideas

In recent weeks, social and physical distancing has completely dampened every plan I had made for the next several months, weekly date nights included.

As working from home has become the new norm, I have also had to adjust to being around my partner 24/7, as we have both attempted to add some sugar and spice back in to our weekly date nights where dinner at a restaurant and a quick trip to the cinemas have had to be put on hold (for now at least).

However, these limitations shouldn’t stop you from having a great time with your special someone. In fact, now is an important time to take a break from the stress of the current health situation and nurture our emotional connections.

If you’re anything like my partner and I, we have binge watched all of our Netflix recommendations (Tiger King included) and have been implementing some fun date night ideas to replace our weekly outings, where we now stay in our little humble abode. Here are a few of our faves:

  1. Alphabet Movie Marathon

Now, this may sound a little silly, but I assure you - it’s exciting! Each night, to every second night, pick a movie that runs down a letter of the alphabet, starting with A all the way to Z. During your movie time each night, any and all ‘work talk’ is restricted and you just get to enjoy each other’s company (and maybe a sweet treat or two)!

To get you underway, you may want to start with a movie like Avatar or Alice in Wonderland (obviously depending on your collective movie taste), all the way through the alphabet to end on a movie like Zombie Land 2: Double Tap. You and your partner can take turns at picking the movies – old and new, seen before or not seen before, or an all-time favourite. 

(Images: @mrs.alonzo and @paula_jagodinska)

  1. Order In

Whilst we may not be able to dine in at our favourite restaurants, many have quickly adapted to online ordering, delivery or takeaway/pick up – and quite frankly, now more than ever our local businesses need us. Ordering takeaway is a great way to combine a great dinner with quality time, and a good deed by helping businesses who need it. My partner and I have ordered some food to our house, but we have also taken advantage of drive-thru and pick up services – sometimes even using our daily walk to pick up our takeaway.  Two of our favourites (that we may be ordering too much but it’s up for debate), are Corbett and Claude who now offer drive-thru collections and sAme sAme's takeaway.


(Images: @samesame_restaurant and @corbettandclaude)

  1. Games Night

If you’re like me, then you rely heavily on TV and movies for entertainment, which in a time like this you can easily get sick of. A great date night idea to bring a little bit of competition is a games night. Dusting off some of my all-time favourites, in the depths of the lounge room cupboard I have found Guess Who, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.

Images via Pinterest and Camille Styles

  1. Get Dressed Up and Cook a Meal

During our life pre-isolation, dinners became rushed and blurred through a regular working week. Without a daily commute, I have a little bit more time on my hands, which has opened up a space to get more creative with meals. Explore by making something challenging and hands on, that is also great for two people to do together - sushi or pizza, or if you want to challenge yourselves homemade pasta or gnocchi. Then get dressed up, and have a candle lit dinner as you would if you were going to a restaurant. I personally love this idea from @mrAnOriginal where he created an invitation, menu and cooked for his partner.

(Images: @mrAnOriginal)

  1. Get Arty

Whilst stuck inside the same walls, it’s important to foster some creativity and get your mind off what is happening around you. Painting, drawing, sewing, knitting – whatever it may be, is a great way to challenge yourself to a new task with your partner. Forty-five minutes of creative activity is effective at reducing stress – making this a great date night idea to relax and unwind.        

(Images: @chloeszep and @isabella_gray)

Words by Verity Dwan

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