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Eleanor & Jack - A Wedding Planned In 30 Days

    We planned a wedding in 30 days and on the 29th day we went into lockdown.

    Anyone planning a wedding knows that 30 days to put together your special day is nearly impossible. Imagine doing so in the middle of a global pandemic. This week’s White Lily bride Eleanor and husband Jack went through all imaginable wedding planning craziness. However, dropping their guest list from 140 to 20 guests, the day before, couldn’t stop the Brisbane couple from celebrating their love for one another.

    The Proposal

    Jack proposed in the same theatre he had first seen me perform in. Flashback to 2017: We just had our first date, a trip to the exhibition on Li Cunxin, [the ballet dancer] at the Brisbane Museum. I had a concert that night and in between our lunch and the performance he booked a ticket to surprise me... I think the date went well considering he also didn't love ballet. Fast forward three years and the proposal was a complete surprise. He asked if I'd like to go out to lunch the night before and I was a bit annoyed at him because I wanted to invite this other couple to join us but he refused. We drove up to this restaurant parallel to the theatre and he said we should go in and have a look, you know "for old times' sake". I walked in and all of the chairs had been removed bar one... the one he sat in the first time he saw me perform. There were candles everywhere and the stage was set with a grand piano and a microphone. There was someone playing. As we sat in the chair, a friend walked out and started singing one of our favourite songs 'So Will I' by Ben Platt. He asked me to dance and then got down on one knee. It was magical.

    Wedding Theme & Style

    With Covid restrictions in place, our Brisbane couple’s big day was all about love and intimacy: “The whole day was full of the people we loved the most…” Eleanor’s childhood backyard was turned into a magical place with subtle white flower petals and romantic candles and fairy lights, creating a truly intimate atmosphere. Best of all, everything was put together and prepared by Eleanor and Jack’s loved ones: “…my best friend did my hair and makeup, I put together my bouquet in 10mins with flowers bought from Woollies, we had it in my childhood homes backyard, Jack's grandmother officiated the ceremony, our really close friend took our photos, our sister-in law was our videographer, my sister made the cake, Jacks best friend played the piano as I walked down the aisle.” That’s a dream team if we’ve ever seen one!

    Atelier Pronovias Bridal Dreams

    When Eleanor visited us with her mum and sister, she instantly fell in love with the classic yet dramatic details on our GALAXY gown by Atelier Pronovias. “We had the most glorious staff member help us and she listened to everything that I wanted and brought forward a large range of dresses, however, she was clearly amazing at her job because the dress I ended up choosing was the first dress I tried on in the store. “ Upon asking our White Lily bride what she loved most about her dress, she pointed out the high neckline and low back, which was everything she had been looking for in her dream bridal gown.

    Pre-Ceremony Reveal

    Looking strikingly beautiful in her wedding dress, Eleanor first stepped in front of her future husband Jack during their pre-ceremony reveal: “…that was the most exhilarating moment. It was so intimate and special to share that without the pressure of being in front of anyone else. So, when it came to walking down the aisle, I was having the best time and could really take it in. Would highly recommend this to any couple!

    Future As Mrs & Mr

    After sharing the most beautiful and intimate day with their nearest and dearest, Eleanor and Jack are now more than excited to create their own family culture and traditions together: “We really want to be intentional about how we spend our days and what impact we want to have on the world around us. It's pretty fun!”

    Complete the sentence: Being married means having a never-ending play date.

    Scroll down to see all gorgeous images from Eleanor’s wedding day.

    Venue: Eleanor's Childhood Home's Backyard in Carindale
    Photographer: Kyle Head [a brilliant friend]
    Videographer: Elise Johanna Naran [Eleanor's Sister-in law]
    Celebrant: Marj Lucas - [Jack's Grandmother]
    Florist: Eleanor herself - flowers bought from Woolworths
    Stylist: Kristy Drake - [Wonderful friend]
    Cake: Amelia Tuffley -  [Eleanor's Sister]
    Hair & Makeup: Kaitlin Howard - [Eleanor's Best Friend]
    Suit: David Jones
    Pizza: Dominos
    Tubs of Icecream: Woolworths

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