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WLC Loves | Milk and Honey Cake Creative!

We are so lucky to collaborate with some of the best in the business, so we thought...Hey - why don't we share some of our favourite vendors with you?!

Introducing Grace from Milk & Honey Cake Creative

We love a little sass and character that accompanies a great story of early beginnings. If anyone can attest to this, it's Grace of Milk and Honey Cake Creative! One of Brisbane's greatest wedding cake creators. We sat down with Grace to have a chat about some of her favourite things about being a Cake Creator. Here's what she had to say:

"My cake journey started with myself as a broke yet tenacious 19-year-old who couldn’t afford a wedding cake. And so, I became determined to learn how to make one myself – figuring it couldn’t be that hard. Well, suffice to say that I was most certainly wrong about that assumption, and my cake was a bit of a hot mess! But, what I learnt from that experience, was that I truly did love cake making"

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding cake creator?

The passion for creating stunning cakes lead Grace to take the leap in 2017 to establish her very own cake business - Milk and Honey Cake Creative and hasn't looked back since.

"In the stress of cake making, I am often asked why I do this to myself (mostly by my mum!), why I stay up till all hours of the night, why I love a job that leaves me covered in buttercream with dishes stacked a mile high. In those moments I wish that I had a collection of pictures, showing the faces of my customers when they see, and more importantly when they taste the cake I have made for them.I am admittedly addicted to the high of bringing joy – there is nothing sweeter than knowing that I have made someone’s wedding day that bit more special by creating the cake of their dreams."

What is the most interesting thing about being a wedding cake creator?

Discovering that cake is so much more than cake. There’s this whole world of cake design which pushes the limits of your imagination, and continually breaks the constraints of what cake is, or what cake should look like. Beyond mere baking, cake brings together the most powerful of senses; your sight, smell and taste, to create a comprehensive sensory experience. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile artistic mediums, and a delicious one at that. 

What are your top tips for brides on the hunt for a wedding cake?

  1. Cheap cake, isn’t good cake. 
    If there’s any day when average cake isn’t going to cut it, it’s your wedding day; invest in something beautiful and delicious, because cutting your wedding cake really is one of those magical wedding moments where all eyes are on you, and you want your cake to be something that your guests rave about. 
  2. Read reviews. 
    This is so important for all of your vendors – do you research and read the experiences of other customers. This is particularly crucial when it comes to your wedding cake, because it doesn’t matter how beautiful your cake is if it doesn’t taste delicious, or if the service is subpar.
  3. Choose a cake maker who you trust, and give them free reign!
    Creating the same style over and over again means that not only are we not challenged as artists, but that our industry becomes flooded with endless cookie cutter cakes that lack originality. As cake makers, a constant stream of new designs are passing through our heads; ideas that move us to push our creativity to the limits, and there is nothing better than when brides place their trust in us to create something which flows entirely from our own artistic inspiration. So, if you want a designed entirely for you, that isn’t going to look the same as your cousin's, and best friend from high school's, then put your trust in your cake artist, and give them creative free reign.

To get in contact with Grace head over to her website here

Instagram: @milkandhoney.cakecreative











Credits - in order of images: Bulb Creative | Heart and Colour | Figtree Pictures | Chasing Moments Photography

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