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WLC Loves | Bulb Creative!

We are so lucky to collaborate with some of the best in the business, so we thought...hey! Why don't we share some of our favourite vendors with you!

Introducing Harley & Ainsley from Bulb Creative

Armed with their incredible attention for detail, distinctive aesthetic and - best of all - each other, Harley and Ainsley are what we like to call a power photography couple! Who better to photograph love, than this husband and wife duo? 

In addition to being exceptional photographers, the talented pair also both have bachelor degrees under their belts! Harley completed his in Primary Education, and Ainsley completed hers in Nursing all while in the process of planning their own DIY wedding! After their wedding, they headed back to their respective “9 to 5s” and quickly realised  there was a creative-shaped whole in both of their hearts, which lead to the creation of Bulb Creative. We had a sat down with them to find out more:

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Working as a husband and wife duo for sure! We are so lucky to travel the world for our work. We have seen some amazing places and experienced so many “firsts” with each other. We also get to see so many different relationships and love stories which often reminds us why we fell in love in the first place. Our business is not only just a hobby that we get to share together, but it’s also like a baby to us, that we both get to nurture and watch grow together.

Do you have a favourite wedding? If so, what was it?

As well as weddings, we also shoot a lot of elopements with a team called the Elopement Collective. So for us, one our favourite couples was from an elopement that we shot photo and video for on top of Roys Peak in New Zealand. These two were just so ready to tie the knot and make an adventure out of it on the way. All they had was themselves, their suit and gown, a warm jacket and a helicopter to get us all up there. The simplicity of exchanging vows on top of a snow capped mountain, without any guests, or all the fuss and worries of a typical wedding day, was just magical. It really put the focus on why they were making a life commitment to each other which made their chemistry electric, and that’s all we could ask for from our couples!

What is the most interesting thing you have experienced as a wedding photographer?

Seeing the different dynamics between family members, brides expectations and the pressures of executing the perfect wedding day. Before we started this business, we had no idea how to plan our own wedding and we fell into the same trap. There are so many elements of the day that you just do to keep family happy, or because that’s just what everyone does at weddings. But when you cut back all the fluff and traditions and rules…. it’s literally just a day to celebrate you and your new life partner. That's it! Keep it simple and about what matters to YOU.

Your top tips for brides on the hunt for a photographer?

1. First tip is to figure out why you actually want a photographer. There are so many different styles, prices and level of experiences out there. And just like with most things in life, you get what you paid for. So, if having memories to look back on is really important to you, then spend the time to find someone who’s work you really enjoy and be prepared to be more flexible with your budget than you might think. Remember that these memories will be forever documented by the person that you end up hiring.

2. Second tip is to make sure your photographer is fully transparent with what they offer and how they work and what the end product will be. We have heard horror stories where brides have booked a photographer that was super cheap, or their portfolio didn't show a range of different lighting situations, or they weren’t great at communicating and answering emails… all of these are red flags for who not to hire. 

Check out more from Bulb Creative here

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