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Pre-Wedding Beauty Survival Guide!

Unfortunately miracles don't happen over night. To avoid redness from a recent facial or a fake tan disaster (eek!) remember to take time to plan. No bride wants to be haunted by their wedding day beauty blunders, so begin your beauty regime in advance and save yourself the stress by thoughtfully planning your appointments. We have put together a 'Pre-Wedding Beauty Survival Guide' to help you make this process run smoothly. 

Look flawless and vibrant and follow our eight month timeline as you prepare for your big day!

pre-wedding beauty guide

Eight months before... 

Let's talk skincare..

With just over half a year before your wedding day, it's time to book in with your beauty specialist. Find a routine that works for you and your skin and keep to it for better results. Don't forget to moisturise day and night! 


The eight month mark is the perfect time to begin receiving regular facials. It's great to take time out from planning and to talk with a specialist to see how your skin care is going. Avoid having a facial one week prior to your wedding as it can lead to break outs!


Wanting glowing skin and shiny lush hair on the day? Take your vitamins every day from this point leading up to your wedding and be left feeling and looking refreshed. 

Fitness and Nutrition Plan

A healthy balanced diet is the perfect way to have your skin, hair and nails looking great. Avoid any crash one week diets before your wedding by forming good habits now. 

Six months before...

Hair & Makeup Trials

It's never too early to trial different hair and makeup looks, so visit your hairdresser and makeup artist to discuss some of your ideas. Know what colour you want to be in six months time and start planning your hair appointments from now. Don't forget to book in treatment days for your hair as well! 

Experiment with different makeup looks and don't be afraid to book in with multiple artists to find the best fit for you and your skin.


To ensure you have the perfect brow, book your appointments in advance. Growing out your brows can take a few months, so allowing time can help you to achieve the perfect arches. 

Four months before...


By this point it is best to have locked in your hairdresser and makeup artist for the day and have settled on your look. 

Two months before...

Tanning Options

If you're the type of bride that loves a great tan, plan ahead. Finding a great tan can be a difficult task and nothing is worse then being left streaky and orange on the day. Find the colour tone that suits you and reacts to your skin best. 

Pearly Whites

Wanting your teeth to look great in all of your wedding photos?  Make your smile bright and radiant and visit your local dentist to discuss options.

Two weeks before...

Cut & Colour

Finish of your hair regime with your final colour and cut. Add in a treatment the week before to leave your hair extra lush!


This is the time for your final facial before your wedding. Select a gentle treatment to avoid breakouts. 

One week before...


Treat yourself and indulge in a full body massage to ensure you are at your most relaxed. 


Wax one week in advance to avoid any redness and soreness on the day! 

Two days before...

Manicure & Pedicure

Leave this to last as you don't want anything to break or chip! Opt for shellac or a gel to keep your polish intact for longer.

One day before...


Drink plenty of water so your skin is glowing and so that you are feeling your best! 

Beauty Sleep

Make sure you're well rested on the day by ensuring you've had 8-10 hours sleep prior. 

Follow these beauty tips and feel refreshed and flawless on your wedding day! 

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