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Planning Tips for the Introverted Bride

Being a bride is a demanding job, as it requires an abundance of decision making, meetings, and is a large time commitment. While this is certainly an exciting time, it also can be trying, stressful, and demanding - particularly for someone who is naturally a more introverted bride.

Perhaps you are wondering what makes someone an introvert. Well, this is actually not something that dictates whether someone is shy and quiet, which is what people typically equate the term with. Instead, being introverted relates to that person’s relationship and preferences towards social interaction. Instead of finding social interaction activities such as being in groups or being the center of attention to be energizing like extroverts do, introverts find these activities to be draining. They take solace in having time by themselves or in interacting with small, intimate groups. As you can imagine, this makes certain bridal duties difficult or even daunting for an introvert.

For all of an introverted bride’s planning needs, we are here with a guide to making it less of an intimidating and tiresome task. Read more below about how to simplify the process and how to make it more enjoyable.

Keep a journal 

Something that could be helpful for an introverted bride when it comes to decompressing after wedding planning activities could be to keep a journal. Writing down thoughts, reflections, and feelings about the process as a whole could be therapeutic! Even if you’re not too keen on the idea of writing out long and traditional journal entries, bullet journaling is a more concise and quick way to get your thoughts down on paper.


Set aside time to be alone 

Throughout the planning process, make sure you are taking time to yourself in order to recharge your batteries. Introverts thrive on having their own personal time, sot don’t discount that, even during the demanding schedule of being a bride. You can even set aside some time on the big day to spend by yourself. On your wedding day, consider taking a yoga class, going on a walk, or eating breakfast totally solo to help you gear up for the busy day.

Do what you can online 

Not every wedding plan needs to be made in person or over the phone! You can certainly plan some things over the internet to cut down on the number of meetings and social interactions required to get things crossed off your list. Your stationery ordering or booking a photographer are both items that can be taken care of completely digitally.

Consider social media

If you don’t want to continuously answer questions about your planning process or regarding your wedding in general, consider keeping people updated via social media. You can even do it privately through direct messages. Along the same vein, you should think through how much of your big day you want to share on social media and how that will make you feel as it happens prior to the wedding in order to set expectations accordingly.

Prepare well for vendor meetings

Going into vendor meetings adequately prepared will cut down on the back and forth and number of questions to be asked and answered. Use sites like Pinterest to find images that match your vision for things like your cake and flowers so that you can visually show the vendor exactly what you have in mind at the meeting. Also make a list of your questions ahead of time so you know exactly what answers you need before leaving the meeting.

Using these simple yet effective tips are all great ways for any introverted bride to enjoy the planning process more. Always keep in mind that preparing your wedding should be an exciting and invigorating time that you will always remember - so do it your way above all!

Words by Shannon Lochwood

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