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Attention, brides-to-be! We’re excited to announce the arrival of Wona Concept, bringing their breathtaking collection to our boutique from April 8th - 20th. We're proud to be just one of 3 boutiques in all of Australia hosting this exclusive event. Limited appointments are available, secure your spot and ensure you don't miss this opportunity to find your dream wedding dress - book your appointment. 


Who is Wona Concept? Wona Concept is a Ukrainian bridal and evening fashion label. The name "Wona" means "she" in Ukrainian, emphasising the brand's commitment to its clients - women, who are their main inspiration. Wona believes women are true muses and aim to create dresses that embody their most intimate and extravagant desires. Continuously captivating brides' hearts with extraordinary designs, Wona Concept helps women highlight their unique style and personality on their special day.


MEET ILONA: The visionary behind Wona Concept. Originally from Lviv, Ukraine, Ilona's fascination with fashion sparked during her early years. Recognising her passion for style at a young age, she embarked on a journey into the world of fashion. Wona's beginnings trace back to a family-run atelier operating from home. However, through dedication and hard work, it blossomed into the beloved brand we know today, achieving this transformation by the year 2009.

DISCOVER THE COLLECTION: The Atelier collection consists of 10 uniquely crafted dresses, each serving as a perfect reflection of a bride's individuality. Decorated by hand with ruffles, lace, feathers, and frills, these dresses are true masterpieces. Each dress creation required more than 80 hours of manual work, elevating the artistry of wedding dressmaking to a whole new level.

Crafted from high-quality and precious fabrics, these dresses showcase a lot of eye-catching details that enhance their distinctiveness. The SIGNATURE EDITION collection is exclusively designed for the comfort and great adaptability of the brides’ outfits, which is the standout feature of this wedding dress line.










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