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2024 BRIDE GUIDE: Everything you need to know before buying your dream dress.

Ready to say 'yes' to the dress? At White Lily Couture, we're committed to making your dress-shopping experience truly magical. That's why we've created this bride guide, designed to help you discover your dream dress and make the most of your appointment with us.

Shopping for your wedding dress can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming, as you may have numerous questions about style, budget, who to bring to your appointment, and more. Don't worry, we're here to guide you through every step of the way.

Schedule Your Appointment Wisely: Book in advance to secure your preferred date and time. For a more serene and focused experience, consider weekdays or mornings, as they are recommended. Aim to arrive promptly to make the most of your consultation time, but please limit your arrival to just 5 minutes before your appointment. We want to make sure you're not left waiting, as we have back-to-back appointments scheduled. Additionally, if you have booked a weekend appointment, please note that our car parks fill up quickly. If you're bringing guests, it is better for all to come in one car if possible.

Selective Support: Bring only those whose opinions you truly value, ensuring they are positive, supportive, and focused on your vision, as too many opinions can be overwhelming and distract you from purchasing the dress you feel the best in.

Do Your Homework: Before your appointment, browse our website or social media pages to explore our collection, saving photos of dresses you're interested in to show your consultant. We have a wide range of styles and silhouettes for every bride. Have an idea of what styles you're drawn to, but remain open-minded to suggestions. If you're unsure of what style you want, that's completely normal. Simply let your consultant know, and she will help you explore different styles and guide you to find the perfect dress.

Let’s Talk Budget: At White Lily, we carry gowns of all budgets so it's important to be transparent about your budget with your consultant from the beginning. This helps narrow down options and prevents disappointment later on. Remember, there's no right or wrong budget when it comes to finding your wedding dress. Additionally, we offer an outlet range for brides with tighter budgets and timeframes.

Make the Most of Your Time: Please honor your consultant's time and expertise by staying focused during your appointment. While we want you to enjoy your time with us, it's important to avoid treating the appointment as a social gathering. Let's keep our focus on finding your dream dress together.

What to Bring: When preparing for your appointment, remember to dress for the dress. Wear nude or seamless undergarments for trying on dresses, and consider bringing heels similar to those you'll wear on your wedding day for accurate length measurements.

Trust your instincts: Your wedding dress shopping experience should be a memorable and joyful occasion. By following these guidelines and coming prepared, you'll make the most out of your appointment and increase your chances of finding your perfect dress. Pay attention to how each dress makes you feel, and ultimately, choose the one that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and like the best version of yourself. At White Lily Couture, we're here to guide you every step of the way on your journey to saying "yes" to the dress of your dreams.

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