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Classic, Minimalist, Modern: Holly & Tysen

After eight years together, surviving a pandemic and bringing their gorgeous daughter, Ella May into the world, Holly and Tysen finally tied the knot in August. Their modern, minimalist wedding is sure to act as inspiration for future brides wanting a wedding that blends the best of chic and classic.

How They Met

Holly and Tysen's love story proves that sometimes, two people are just meant to be! "We actually went to school together and had a lot of mutual friends, but didn't really have anything to do with one another." It wasn't until 2014 when they reconnected at a friend's birthday, that they'd soon become a couple. Their re-introduction was a true act of fate - Holly wasn't originally going to the party but ended up there after a last minute change of plans! "We often say to one another that if I didn't go to that event, we definitely would have found each other at some point." So how did Tysen get the girl? "With some liquid courage, he darted right across the dance floor, picked me up and kissed me."

The Proposal and Engagement

The proposal happened after five years of the couple being together. Holly was 27 weeks pregnant with their daughter, Ella May when Tysen proposed on their babymoon in Singapore. They had planned to do a big Europe trip but upon finding out they were pregnant with a miracle baby, decided to cancel the trip and use the flight credit for a destination closer to home. Here's where things get interesting: Holly will tell you the proposal was perfect, but Tysen might think differently.
"Tysen had a plan of attack as to how the proposal would go down. This included a small hike to a stunning picturesque lookout where a light show would then commence for him to drop to his knee...that is not at all what happened." Being pregnant, going on a hike and wearing a tight midi pencil skirt is apparently a less than ideal combination in the Singaporean heat. They abandoned the hike and caught a taxi back to their hotel, where Tysen had booked dinner at a 5-star restaurant. However, Holly had other ideas. "I, along with my feet, were exhausted. I suggested we have an early night in and grab a takeaway meal because we had the Zoo on our itinerary the next day." Tysen was not thrilled with this idea and encouraged Holly to try this impressive restaurant. So they arrived at the restaurant, where Tysen had already informed the staff of his proposal plans. But upon looking at the posters in the elevator, Holly was put off immediately by the raw-food options and explained to Tysen that she couldn't eat there. So while Holly checked out the impressive artwork lined up along the hallway, Tysen was figuring out where they could go instead - and where he could propose! He quickly worked out a game plan with the restaurant directly next door. Once they knew of his plans, they were happy to host the couple, where raw food was not in sight!

Once they were finally seated, Tysen took action. "He began to recap our entire relationship. It took us from sitting down, through the entree and all the way during dinner. At the end he said, "Now we can say that we have been to Singapore with our daughter. And we can tell her it's the place that I asked you to become my wife." And then he dropped to his knee. It was absolutely perfect.​"

Due to building a house and welcoming a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Holly & Tysen decided to push back the wedding and enjoy sitting in the 'we are engaged and building a house and becoming first-time parents' bubble for close to three years. "We then selected our wedding date to be 5/8/22. This date had a little bit of meaning for us as it was 5 years since he proposed and would be 8 years together when we got married."

Style and Theme

When asked to describe their wedding styling, Holly said it was a "classic meets minimalistic meets modern" affair. "We had white reflexed roses and babies breath for florals, with a neutral white, black and beige colour palette. Our venue was in the hinterland which had a rustic feel, so we had a lot of white furniture to freshen it up."

Vendor Highlights

Holly was so happy with how her wedding panned out, but spoke particularly highly of her celebrant, Sharron. "Her delivery on our day was everything and more. We didn't make this decision lightly and it was a collaborative decision on what we wanted in a celebrant." Holly & Tysen knew they wanted someone who would make the ceremony personal and intimate. The couple spoke multiple times to their celebrant before the day, meeting up at a coffee shop closer to the date to fine tune details. "Sharron was super flexible and answered my never-ending list of questions. I requested she welcome the bridal party during the ceremony with a sentence about each of them so that our guests could learn the connection between us and the people standing alongside us." We love that personal touch! "It allowed our guests to get to know each individual person before the ceremony really began." The couple received glowing feedback from their guests about Sharron, many saying they'd never experienced a ceremony like it. Two guests even requested Sharron's details!

Holly also raved about her photographer and videographer. "Our photographer was a weapon. It really worked out for the best as we had originally locked in a different photographer almost two years prior who then backed out on us eight months from the wedding date." Holly had been following their soon-to-be photographer, Jess on Instagram for a while, but expected she wouldn't be available...luckily she was! "Jess was relaxed, she made us feel so comfortable, making the portrait session a moment where Tysen and I could just take it all in." Unlike their photographer who was booked in "last-minute," Paige their videographer was the first vendor locked in after the venue was secured! "We had watched Paige work her magic at a friend's wedding and knew she was the right one for us! Jess and Paige worked so well together."

Saying Yes to the Dress

White Lily Couture was the third place Holly visited on her dream dress hunt. "I kept dress shopping with my mum which was a really special experience for both of us, being her only daughter." Holly's vision for her dress was that of a square neckline, tight bodice and lots of beadwork. As is standard in an appointment, Holly's consultant suggested an option or two outside of the bride's initial pick, just to make sure Holly was seeing all the options - and boy, is she glad she did! "Hera Couture had their Trunk Show the weekend I was there and VIVIENNE was part of that selection." It was one of the wildcard choices Holly's consultant picked. "I loved the boning structure in the bodice and the split in the skirt. This was the dress!" However, when Holly got home, she saw a dress on our social media (by the same designer) she loved even more. "I saw LE BELLE V1 and fell in love with the cowl neck design. I phoned up and booked an appointment to come back in and try it on. I fell in love instantly. I changed my mind and locked in LE BELLE V1." But wait, there's one more part to this story! Holly saw on the designer's Instagram that LE BELLE, the very dress she just ordered was about to be released with a more daring split in the skirt. "I immediately emailed your beautiful team and made the decision to swap the dress over to V2 with the higher split, without even trying it on. It hadn't even been released yet!" Holly also chose to have the off-the-shoulder sleeves removed, opting for a stunning strapless bodice instead. "I share my experience with all my future bride-to-be friends - remain open and have fun trying on different styles. You will definitely surprise yourself."

What made your White Lily experience special?
"I really loved the entire experience. Being greeted with champagne, having that one-on-one experience and all of the support in the actual change room was truly second to none. When I came to White Lily Couture, it just felt so comfortable and I loved how I was asked all the important questions about my wedding at the start of the appointment.  10/10 experience! And I loved coming to pick up my gown where I got to try it on FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!"

Favourite Memory
"My favourite moment of the day would be the moment I saw Tysen holding our daughter at the end of the aisle. It was such a comforting feeling seeing them both. I just had tunnel vision. I wasn't looking at anyone or anything else."

Advice for Future Brides
Holly's advice is for both the bride AND groom! "I would remind the groomsmen the day before to keep their phones nearby at the time the photographer and videographer were due to arrive! I think it's important as a bride to have the thought process, some things are out of your control and you can't plan everything. You just have to go along with it. A wedding can't start without the bride so just enjoy the ride!"
Complete this sentence: being married means...
"connecting the three of us officially as the Mitchells. And forever having to share my food with my two soulmates."

The Dream Team

Wedding Dress: Hera Couture via White Lily Couture
Wedding Heels: Harlo
Suits: Peter Jackson
Bridesmaid Dresses: Oleg Cassini
Jewellery: Chanel
Venue and Coordinator: Cowbell Creek  
Florals: Stem & Petal  
Photographer: Stories by Jess  
Videographer: White Wedding Film Co.
Champagne Tower: Bespoke Events Co. 
Daughter's Dress: Penny Dressmaking
Daughter's shoes: Shop Kaileep

Scroll down to view more photos from Holly & Tysen's special day.

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