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Caitlin & Daniel's Summergrove Estate Wedding

Caitlin and Daniel's big day was a glorious Summergrove Estate wedding, with the bride absolutely rocking her fully beaded wedding dress! Caitlin shared with us a little about how they came to be and all the magic of their big day!

The pair share a classic meeting story, having first crossed paths at a wedding of all places! Five years ago, Caitlin's friend Laura was set to marry Daniel's brother Ryan. Despite knowing Ryan for years, she had never met his dashing brother. 

"I could not believe my eyes when I walked into their wedding ceremony and saw Dan standing up there as Best Man." Says Caitlin, "I stared him down all night, but we actually didn't speak at the wedding, so I went home thinking he hadn't noticed me."

Thankfully the universe had Caitlin's back, as the very next day, she noticed a friend request on Facebook! "I received a message from him saying he really wanted to come over and say hello to me, but nerves got the better of him, and he'd really like to take me out." How cute is that?! The two went out that very week and have been utterly in love ever since. 

The duo wanted their big day to focus on what was special to not only themselves as a couple, but all those dearest to them. "I really wanted our wedding to be a true reflection of who we are."

And they did not disappoint! As they are both serious lovers of the dance floor and Caitlin and avid Dancing with the Stars fan, they had no choice but to cook up an epic first dance number. Caitlin recalls this as one of her favourite moments:
"We wanted to do something other than just sway, so we choreographed a Tango/Salsa fusion for our first dance. I even changed into a crazy outfit for it... We kept it a surprise from 99% of the guests and it was so awesome seeing the looks of complete shock on their faces when I walked out in a feather mini dress and we started to dance." 
We highly recommend you check out the amazing photos down below! We especially adore Caitlin's second beaded wedding dress - this time a mini feathered version!
Caitlin's other favourite moment from the day was by far her first sighting of Daniel from down the aisle. 
"When the chapel doors finally opened and I saw Dan for the first time standing up there - I was very nervous leading up to that part, but as soon as I locked eyes with him I felt a sense of calm come over me. I still get emotional thinking about it. "
Our beautiful bride wore the breathtaking Myra gown from designer label, Enzoani - a beautifully beaded wedding dress with a fine lace underlay. 
"It ticked every single box I had for my wedding gown. I wanted something tight fitting that looked like it was a second skin, that had a deep v, and that really had a 'wow factor'." She said.
"I loved the way it sat on my body and accentuated all the right features. The most accurate word that comes to mind when I think of this gown is sexy! When I looked at myself in the mirror on my wedding day I had never felt so beautiful in my life. I could tell in Dan's eyes when he first saw me, that it was the right choice."
The couple styled their wedding with a classic palette of black, white and blush. The groom wore white, Caitlin's bridesmaids wore an elegant black slip dress and pops of blush were found in everything from the invitations to her bouquet of roses. 
The couple followed up their stunning wedding with a well-deserved retreat in French Polynesia on the island of Moorea.
"I wanted that stereotypical overwater bungalow honeymoon and couldn't believe it when Dan agreed to it! We stayed at the Hilton and the views were straight off of a postcard. Being able to wake up and jump right off the balcony of your overwater bungalow is a once in a lifetime experience. It was the perfect honeymoon destination." 
We are a little jealous! (Okay... a lot!).
When asked what advice she would offer to other couples preparing for their wedding, White Lily Bride, Caitlin harked back to her focus on staying true to themselves as a couple.
"Make sure all of the decisions you make are your decisions and not someone else's. So many people will try to put in their two-cents worth, or try and convince you to do something different, but it's your day and your allowed to be selfish. Don't make a decision to satisfy someone else as you will only end up regretting it. Also, invest your money in good vendors. When you hire the right people. they are worth every penny. Our day went off without a hitch and it's because of the AMAZING vendors that we hired to do our day."
See more from their day down below!


Venue: Summergrove Estate
Photographer: Figtree Wedding Photography
Florist & Stylist: Ivy & Bleu
Cake: I Heart Cakes by Casey
Hair: PS I Love Hair
Makeup: Tanielle Jai
Bridesmaid dresses: Shona Joy
Suits: Calibre & Institchu
Rings: Penfold Jewellers
Videographer: Luna Film
Musician: Benny Hanna

Image gallery: Figtree Wedding Photography
























  Caitlin's beaded wedding dress details and flowers


  A beaded wedding dress at Summergrove Estate


  Details of the back of Caitlin's beaded wedding dress

  Caitlin's beaded wedding dress



  Beaded wedding dress with fur jacket


  beaded wedding dress at Caitlin & Daniel's wedding

  beaded wedding dress details



  Caitlin and daniel - Bride wears a beaded wedding dress

   beaded wedding dress back

 beaded wedding dress and flowers









  beaded wedding dress - second dress

  beaded wedding dress afterparty


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