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6 things to know before your bridal appointment

Welcome to one of the best experiences of your life: picking your wedding gown!

Your wedding gown journey should be full of excitement, happiness, and sometimes a few tears (happy ones, of course!). Since you've gotten engaged, you've probably begun to realise even the smallest details that go into planning a wedding, so we've compiled a list of our top six things to know before your bridal appointment to make even just one thing slightly easier. 

Be Aware of Timeframes 

A common misconception in bridal is that gowns are ready and awaiting pick up the day of your appointment. At White Lily Couture, our showroom gowns are made to order based on your measurements! This can take anywhere between 6-10 months. On top of that, it's important to account for alterations so in the end, your gown could take up to 12 months to be ready. This is important to keep in mind before booking your appointment to avoid disappointment. 

If you don't have that kind of timeframe, don't stress - we have you covered. We have designers that offer Rush and even Super Rush fees in order to get your gown here faster but additionally, we have our Sale Rail, Warehouse, and Off the Rack gowns that are ready for you to purchase and take home the day of your appointment. 

Set a Budget & Do your Research 

Whether you know exactly the kind of gown you want, or you're open to the endless possibilities that is bridal fashion, doing some research on what you do & don't like prior to your appointment will go a long way in ensuring a smooth appointment. While you may not know what you absolutely love, it's good to get an idea of what you don't like in order to maximize time and find gowns in your appointment to try on that are more in line with your personal style. 

Choose your Bride Tribe wisely

Whether they're your best friend, your sister, or your mum - choosing the people that attend your bridal appointments is almost as important as choosing your life partner. Take some time to take stock of who needs to be in the appointment with you. Choose people who are positive and add value to your life and experience. Certain close friends may not be suited for this day for a multitude of reasons. Make sure you invite people to your appointment that is understanding, and uplifting, and know you and what you like. Make a day of it! Book lunch after, have some cocktails and make it a special occasion that people feel special to be included on. 

Forget about Sizing

Throw everything you know about clothes sizing out the window. Bridal sizing is a completely different ball game! Don't focus on the sizes. Everyone needs alterations to their gown once it arrives. Eventually, the gown will be completely tailored to you and the size of the gown won't even reflect the gown itself. Most of our brides at White Lily Couture find themselves needing to size up at least one if not two sizes in comparison to what they wear day-to-day. 

Don't be afraid to say YES at your first appointment

This happens on a daily basis. After 10 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about bridal and what gowns suit which brides. Often times our brides tell us they knew their dress was the one from the moment they put it on and they regret wasting so much time trying on other gowns or going to other appointments when they should've trusted their gut to begin with. 

Listen to your gut 

Speaking of trusting your gut - we highly recommend it! Regardless of all of the opinions, of everything you thought you wanted, if you know deep down that you've found your dream gown, don't be afraid to listen to that. You make the ultimate and final choice - no one else. 

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