What’s The Tea – Take Two

brisbane wedding planning 2021

Everyone who works in the wedding industry knows that we all love an excuse to get together and have a drink. It’s all about creating bonds and nurturing industry relationships. For our second edition of ‘What’s The Tea – A Conversation with WLC’ we got together a bunch of true rock stars to exchange experiences from their countless years within the weddings industry.

Despite the many networking events that come with being part of the wedding industry, we often find that one thing is missing: meaningful conversations. Being able to actually sit down and lay it all out is something so valuable and it often gets completely forgotten about. Not only did everyone get a chance to ask in-depth questions, but it was also an opportunity to form much deeper connections and really get to know one another and what their businesses and brands are truly about. 

Hearing about everyone’s stories and failed attempts of becoming a wedding planner (Storybook & Co. – you are magic!) makes you not only relate to your industry colleagues, but it also puts your own successes and journeys into perspective. In the end, we all love what we do and are here to support each other. It’s kind of like sitting at the dinner table after a long day of work and talking to your ‘family’ about what a crazy day you’ve had. 

Putting together your wedding has never been this easy! Check out these incredible vendors: 

Photographer – Lauren Olivia Photography
Photographer + Videographer – Trent and Jessie
Event Hire – AVIDEAS
Florist + Stylist – Emunah Events
Wedding Planner + Stylist – Storybook & Co.
Wedding Cakes – The Sweet Society Co
Wedding Stationery – Laura Elizabeth Design
Wedding Venue – The Lussh
Makeup Artist – Stephanie Goldsworthy MUA
Hair Stylist – Chantelle Maree Hair
Celebrant – Roxy Celebrant

Special thanks to Lauranne at The Pleasantry for her Calligraphy finishing touches!