The Perfect Match for any Bridesmaid!

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Looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress?  We understand at White Lily Couture that this task can be both challenging and stressful.

cbe976d3d17eab035c988cd7db0f7f8c  As a bride your bridesmaids are your best interest and you are determined to find the right piece that flatters each of your chosen ladies. We want to make this experience stress free and memorable for you. 

Here at White Lily Couture, we are excited to introduce The Goddess Signature Collection. The multiway dress that is the perfect fit for any bridesmaid!  We have fallen in love with this design, that allows its owner to wear and style it their own way. Whether it’s wrapped or twisted, the multiway dress compliments all body shapes and sizes. There is no limit when styling this collection!  From styling the dress into an off the shoulder dress or to a modest halter neck, there is even opportunity for the more daring with a plunging neckline.  We not only want our brides to feel beautiful but also our bridesmaids. 

This collection not only allows our customers to style it in their own unique way, but also offers the opportunity for our brides to select the perfect colour! With a large range of colour selection, the bride can select a tone that compliments both her bridesmaids and style wedding. 

Exclusive to the signature collection, the bridesmaid will be left feeling flawless in the circle of luxe fabric that makes up this beautiful attire.  With a flawless bridesmaid, you will feel less stressed knowing that you have found the perfect dress that will look beautiful on the day! 


Below is a preview of what The Goddess Signature Collection looks like.

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