Meet WLC Style Consultant Divya!

Our team at White Lily Couture are dedicated to creating an authentic and memorable experience for all of our brides. Read more to learn more about the lovely Divya.


We believe having a great relationship with your sales consultant we help you find the perfect dress!  Below we have interviewed one of our very own, Brisbane Style Consultant and Inventory Manager, Divya! 

Divya is known for her love of Bollywood dancing and creative writing! 


How long have you been working at White Lily Couture? 

‘For about two years.’

What inspired you to work in the wedding industry? 

‘I love bridal gowns and dresses and I love dressing the bride… it’s a really happy part of the bridal industry.’

Picture your dream wedding – where are you? what are you wearing? 

‘In a castle like Hogwarts haha… No probably somewhere like England or France. I really love that Victorian era!’

‘I would be wearing a South Indian bridal dress.’

What is your favourite part of a wedding?

‘Ooh there’s two! When the groom sees the bride for the first time walking down the aisle and when the father gives away his daughter…both make me cry like a baby.’

What are you passionate about?

Teaching Bollywood dancing, creative writing and henna art.’

It’s Sunday afternoon, what would you most likely be doing?

‘Reading fiction novels!’

Favourite dessert?

‘My favourite dessert is an Indian dessert, called gulub jammun that is sweet dough deep fried with sugar syrup.’

What three items are you most likely to find in your handbag? 

‘My wallet! Mints and my sunnies.’

What is your go to outfit?

‘Comfy pants and a superhero t-shirt’

Lastly what is your favourite wedding gown in store?

‘Ria by Ronald Joyce’ 




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