Meet Style Consultant Shannon From Rockhampton!


Our team at White Lily Couture are dedicated to creating an authentic and memorable experience for all of our brides. 

We believe having a great relationship with your sales consultant will help you find the perfect dress!  Below we have interviewed one of our very own, style consultant Shannon, from our Rockhampton store!


How long have you been working at White Lily Couture? 

‘6 months.’

What inspired you to work in the wedding industry? 

‘The intimate moments shared with a bride and the trust you have in each other to work together to make their wedding dress dream come true.’

Picture your dream wedding – where are you? what are you wearing? 

‘Spain, at a vineyard, wearing Pronovias.’

What is your favourite part of a wedding?

‘The moment when you are standing together agreeing to look after each other for the rest of your lives.’

What are you passionate about?

‘Being kind to others and helping people become the best they can be through love and kindness.’

It’s Sunday afternoon, what would you most likely be doing?

‘Late lunch at the zoo or the beach with my family, enjoying each other’s company.’

Favourite dessert?

‘Mum’s Italian walnut tart.’

What three items are you most likely to find in your handbag? 

‘Mimco earrings and rose gold Mimco necklace; just incase I feel like changing my look! I am an accessories queen!’

What is your go to outfit?

Silk kaftan with beaded strappy sandals and rose gold jewellery!’

Lastly what is your favourite wedding gown in store?

‘Oslo by Pronovias – so sophisticated!’