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white lily couture real bride revolution

The White Lily Couture Real Bride Revolution started earlier this month, and we could not be happier with what we have achieved so far.

So what have we been up to and what are we trying to accomplish with this campaign?

The thought of searching for a wedding dress and trying on different gowns can be perceived as a quite daunting experience. However, here at White Lily Couture in Brisbane, we are all about feeling comfortable, welcome, and most importantly beautiful.

So to really communicate what The Real Bride Revolution is about, we have been working with individuals of different sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds to help us change the perception of the bridal industry, together.


At the start of this month, we welcomed Eve (Instagram @evechantal). Eve is a curve model and an advocate for body inclusivity. She showed our brides that size doesn’t matter and that you are worthy of wearing the dress of your dreams. “…It is crazy because I’m a curvy girl, and I never expected to have all of these options to try on to find the perfect fit for my wedding day.

In the past, she has had negative experiences and always thought that she had to limit her expectations and wasn’t worthy of finding the perfect dress for her. “I remember going shopping for a formal dress and it was a nightmare. I tried on so many dresses and none of them fit me. I went to eight stores and bought the first one that actually fit me. It was so depressing.” Coming to White Lily Couture, she was able to try on countless wedding dresses, without having to alter her taste in any way. She quickly realised that shopping for a bridal gown is an extremely positive experience and walked away feeling beautiful and confident “…I feel like a queen, like a princess. I feel beautiful, and I feel confident.


The following week, we welcomed Tarah (Instagram @tarahelizabeth_), who showed us that self-love and confidence come from a place within and that being your own kind of beautiful is key to finding the perfect dress. “I can’t even begin to say how incredible this experience was.” On her Social Media platforms, Tarah is all about communicating the importance of mental health and adding a sense of realness to the content that is displayed online. 

white lily couture brisbane

Especially when it comes to bridal wear, women are often afraid of not being able to fulfill certain expectations: “We all have different expectations and we have these ideas that certain dresses won’t look a certain way. But each and every one of us was blown away”. By the end of the day, Tarah and her two friends Ruby and Daisy walked away with a completely different perception of what the bridal experience is going to feel like. “I can honestly say that coming here, we all felt like queens and princesses.

real bride revolution brisbane



As part of our Real Bride Revolution, we also had the honour of welcoming Cassandra (Instagram: @cassandraallen_)  to our Brisbane boutique. Cassandra works for a modeling agency, which specialises in diversifying the industry and showcasing beauty in all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Cassandra and her friends had never tried on wedding dresses before, which made this experience even more special. They were in tears when they saw the gowns on each other.

white lily couture brisbane real bride revolution brisbane

We were blessed to be part of such an intimate moment and loved every second of their visit here at White Lily Couture. Cassandra and her girls walked away feeling more beautiful than ever: “I’ve had the most extravagant time of my life. Every dress is beyond exceptional. And the fit and the company that I just experienced was amazing. I cannot express how wonderful it has been today.

real bride revolution brisbane



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